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N-methylpyrrolidone NMP is widely used

Release Date:2022-11-01

On the basis of the carbon peak period, China's chemical industry will carry out round after round of screening. Low carbon environmental protection, low energy consumption and high profit products are in the planning of chemical enterprises, such as new energy, new materials, electronic industry and other products. N-methylpyrrolidone NMP industry is a product with high attention at present. Why does it get so much attention?

According to the data, N-methylpyrrolidone NMP is a colorless, transparent, oily liquid with slight odor, which can be said to be widely used in chemical industry, coatings, inks, resin plastics, dyes, lithium electronic batteries, pesticides, and electronic industries. The product purity grade is different, and the application field is also different. In the electronic industry, it is used in aramid fiber, PPS, ultrafiltration membrane, OLED panel photoresist etching and other industries. It can also be applied to the front-end solvent of lithium battery, and belongs to the supporting solvent of lithium battery positive electrode binder. In the field of microelectronic industry, it is used in high-end microelectronic industries such as liquid crystal, semiconductor, circuit board, carbon nanotube, etc. In the industrial field, NMP can be used in acetylene concentration, butadiene extraction, electrical insulation materials, high-grade coatings, pesticide additives, inks, pigments, industrial cleaning agents and other industrial fields. In the pharmaceutical industry, NMP pharmaceutical grade has high requirements for safety, and is mainly used in medicine, medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmaceutical intermediates and other industries.

NMP Functional Properties

Chemical property: relatively stable in neutral solution. After 8 hours in 4% sodium hydroxide solution, 50%~70% will be hydrolyzed. Hydrolysis will occur gradually in concentrated hydrochloric acid to generate 4-methylaminobutyric acid. Ketals or thiopyrrolidone can be formed due to the reaction of carbonyl group.

NMP is miscible with water and soluble in most organic solvents such as ether and acetone. It can dissolve most organic and inorganic compounds, polar gases, natural and synthetic polymer compounds.

In the presence of alkali catalyst, alkylation reaction will take place in the third place when it reacts with olefins. N-methylpyrrolidone is weakly alkaline and can generate hydrochloride. It forms an adduct with heavy metal salts. For example, it is heated with nickel bromide to 150 ℃ to produce NiBr2 (C5H9ON) 3, with a melting point of 105 ℃.

NMP is a polar solvent with strong selectivity and good stability. It has the advantages of low toxicity, high boiling point, strong solubility, nonflammable, biodegradable, recyclable, safe to use, and suitable for a variety of formulations.

When operating, everyone should pay attention to that it should be used in an open place or a ventilated place, and try to operate in a downwind place instead of inhaling steam; Avoid contact with eyes, body, skin, clothes, etc., and mainly wear protective equipment during operation; Avoid leakage, spillage, and careless lowering during operation to prevent physical damage. N-methylpyrrolidone NMP is generally stored in a cool, ventilated and sunless environment, in sealed containers, away from heat sources, and away from oxidizing and flammable materials.

In general, N-methylpyrrolidone NMP is not only an important basic chemical raw material, but also an important raw material in the new energy industry. The used dirty waste methyl pyrrolidone can be recycled by solvent recovery machine and vacuum decompression system. Because of its high boiling point, direct recovery cannot be used. Vacuum decompression can reduce the recovery heating temperature, ensure the recovery quality, and improve the recovery safety factor. NMP is a solvent with strong selectivity and good stability. It has the advantages of high boiling point, strong solubility, nonflammable, biodegradable, recyclable, etc.

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