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Efficacy and function of VP/VA copolymer in skin care cosmetics

Release Date:2022-11-01

Many consumers see that some cosmetics contain the chemical substance "VP/VA copolymer". They do not know the efficacy and function of this substance. They want to know whether the products containing VP/VA copolymer are good or not. This article introduces the efficacy, function and influence on skin of VP/VA copolymer.

The English name of VP/VA copolymer is VP/VA COPOLYMER. The main role of VP/VA copolymer in cosmetics and skin care products is adhesive. The risk coefficient is 1, which is safe and can be used at ease. It has no impact on pregnant women generally. VP/VA copolymer is not acne causing.

VP/VA copolymer is used as adhesive, film forming agent and hair styling agent in cosmetics.

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