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Main uses of chemically crosslinked povidone

Release Date:2022-11-01

Chemically crosslinked povidone is a water-insoluble tablet disintegrant. The concentration value applied in the processing of instant tablet candy and dry or wet pellet tablet candy is 2-5%; Chemically crosslinked povidone can quickly and mainly show high capillary specificity and excellent coagulating ability, and there is no doubt about the trend of glue; The results showed that the size of chemically crosslinked povidone particles significantly affected the dissolution and dispersion of Jiere Zhentong tablets, and the chemical crosslinked povidone particles with large particles could give full play to the rapid dissolution and dispersion effect. Chemically crosslinked povidone is a very high-quality disintegrant. When 1-2% of it is applied in tablets, it can obtain the dissolution effect of other common disintegrants, and has excellent reprocess performance. That is, when purchasing, producing and processing, it does not need to add too many disintegrants, which is called abnormal disintegrants.

After one tablet of chemically crosslinked povidone is inhibited as disintegrant, the tablet strength is high, the disintegration time is short, and the total mixing rate is high; Strong reliability, not easy to change after a while.

Chemically crosslinked povidone can also be used as a dry adhesive, filler and excipient for tablets, capsules and tablets. If the particle size distribution is small, it can reduce the one-sided pattern in the rolled sheets and improve the uniformity of the sheets. The daily dosage is 20-80Mg/tablet.

Chemically crosslinked povidone can also be used as a total mixed vulcanization accelerator. By selecting the co evaporation technology, the solubility of insoluble drugs can be improved. First, a moderate amount of organic solvent is absorbed into the chemically crosslinked povidone, and then the organic solvent is volatilized. This technology can obtain a rapid total mixing rate.

This product is also widely used as a filter aid in the production of wine and vinegar in the food industry to remove enzymes and proteins.

Chemically cross-linked povidone and polyphenols can produce stable complex ions, which can be used to specially prepare water-soluble or alcohol containing herb extracts and tinctures, and improve the reliability of green plant medicine industry.

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